Once Upon A Time

    CHALLENGE: Create a fantasy film featuring a character named Sam Wrenchise, an auto-repair technician; a glass jar of M&Ms as a prop; and the line, "I guess you could put it that way."

    TIMELINE: 1 week

    SOLUTION: With no budget or knowledge of how to do special effects in FinalCut, we brought our fantasy story to life with a puppet show. Our auto-repair technician was a blacksmith who gives our hero's horse, Otto, a new shoe; the jar of M&Ms was a piece of paper with mini M&Ms glued to it and covered in cellophane; the line "I guess you could put it that way" is uttered by our blacksmith.

    Voice: Atain Ibia
    Concept/Editing/Puppeteering: Chris Kenny, Donna Chan, Lisa Guadagni
    Script: Lisa Guadagni